Supported Tracer Implementations


Zipkin supports OpenTracing in various languages via community contributions. There is an experimental bridge from Brave (Zipkin Java) instrumentation to OpenTracing and a Go implementation zipkin-go-opentracing. Some of Jaeger's client libraries (see below) can be configured to be compatible with Zipkin backend and wire format.


Jaeger \ˈyā-gər\ is Uber's distributed tracing system, built with OpenTracing support from inception. Jaeger includes OpenTracing client libraries in several languages: Java, Go, Python, and Node.js.


Appdash (background reading) is a lightweight, Golang-based distributed tracing system, originally developed and since open-sourced by sourcegraph. There is an OpenTracing-compatible Tracer implementation that uses Appdash as a backend.

For more details, read the godocs.


LightStep runs a private beta with OpenTracing-native tracers in production environments. There are OpenTracing-compatible LightStep Tracers available for Go, Python, Javascript, Objective-C, Java, PHP, Ruby, and C++.


Hawkular APM supports OpenTracing-Java and has plans to support other platforms in the near future.


Instana provides an APM solution supporting OpenTracing in Java, Node.js and Go. The Instana OpenTracing tracers are interoperable with the other Instana out of the box tracers for Java, Scala, NodeJs, PHP and Ruby.


sky-walking is an open-source tracer in Java, based on auto-instrumentation mechenism. Support OpenTracing-Java by sky-walking application toolkit.