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Join a Working Group

Working Group members meet regularly to discuss and define the OpenTracing project structure, as well as perform day-to-day project management duties. You can join a working group of your interest and participate in the weekly meetings to discuss your ideas for contribution to the project.

Cross-Language Working Group

The Cross-Language Working Group manages the OpenTracing APIs and ecosystem. In order to handle the growing volume of contributions, this working groups is tasked with overseeing the development and maintenance of the OpenTracing language APIs and contributed instrumentation.

Any number of working group members are allowed; preferably at least two or more experts per language. Members with overlapping responsibilities divide the work amongst themselves.


  • Participate in Cross-Language Working Group sessions.
  • Develop protocols for proposing and resolving Issues and Pull Requests.
  • Triage backlogs for API and OT-contrib repositories.
  • Actively participate in PR reviews.
  • Work with OT-contrib maintainers to ensure instrumentations are not abandoned, have tags applied uniformly, and are well tested.
  • Ensure that APIs do not drift away from each other, or the core specification.
  • Inform the community with monthly activity summaries and versioning announcements.

Documentation Working Group

The Documentation Working Group codifies the existing knowledge base and maintains proper documentation as part of the OpenTracing website.

Documentation Projects

  • Project Overview
  • Cross-Language Specification
  • Tags
  • Language APIs
  • OpenTracing CookBook
  • Walkthroughs and Tutorials
  • FAQ
  • Index of Instrumentations
  • Guidelines for framework/library maintainers


  • Schedule and attend Documentation Working Group sessions.
  • Maintain community guidelines for contributing documentation changes.
  • Setup and maintain documentation infrastructure.
  • Produce missing documentation.