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Katacoda Courses

Katacoda is an interactive learning and training platform for software developers. It allows you to learn and explore new technologies using hands-on labs in your browser, using real environments, without any downloads or configuration.

The OpenTracing community has started creating OpenTracing courses on Katacoda so that developers can evaluate the technology and see how distributed tracing can be used to observe a microservice application.

We also welcome contributions of additional OpenTracing Katacoda scenarios. You can find our Katacoda scenario source on GitHub. Visit the Katacoda docs to learn more about creating Katacoda scenarios.

Other Tutorials

There are language-specific OpenTracing tutorials available.

There are also some sample applications that demonstrate OpenTracing.

  • Microdonuts — An OpenTracing walkthrough written in Java

  • Hot R.O.D. - Rides on Demand — A demo application that consists of several microservices and illustrates the use of the OpenTracing API.